Mulino CastellaniMulino Castellani Apartments with Pool in Garda

The Mill


That Sunday in September of 2007 my wife and I were imagining the name of our first child who we were expecting. We were walking in Valle dei Mulini under the Rocca di Garda, just a few hundred meters from the lake, we were so taken by our discourse that we did not realize the stormy weather coming in from Mount Baldo.
In the end we found shelter under a ruined building where we waited for the rain to stop. When a rainbow appeared and we looked up, it was love at first sight: we had stumbled upon the ancient Castellani Mill, or rather its ruins!

Without thinking too much, as you do with the opportunities that happen only once in a lifetime, we purchased it, enchanted by its courtyard where once grain used to be ground and where we could see the remains of the ancient mill wheel torn off the wall but still able to rotate around a building whose oldest part dates back to 1600.
Thanks to the precious and long restoration 9 luxury apartments were born, of which we are so in love with that we decided to keep four of them for us, the more particular, the ones that we have rented since the summer of 2013: Il Mulino, Il Baldo, Il Lago  and La Rocca.

All the apartments overlook the shared internal courtyard garden with barbecue, and two out of the four (Il Mulino and La Rocca) have private gardens. Inside the old courtyard, in addition to the shared garden, we also built a beautiful swimming pool for the exclusive use of our guests, and you will find 2 sun loungers in each apartment.